Our Mission


Wigglebumz creates fun, colorful, handmade collars for pets of all shapes and sizes. We are dedicated to helping dogs find forever homes by donating collars to new arrivals and helping with fundraisers. We want to see every dog wiggle their bumz!

About Us

Jennifer is the owner and founder of Wiggle Bumz, a company that supplies custom, hand-made pet collars, clips, flat collars, bandanas, leashes and harnesses. Founded in 2014, Wiggle Bumz was based in Montreal and since then the company has grown exponentially, making its way all across the country. From British Colombia to Prince Edward Island, Wiggle Bumz is now also a part of the Global Pet Foods family, as the company brings its products to the GPF’s New Brunswick locations.

The company began almost suddenly, and before Jennifer would realize, Wiggle Bumz was soon to become a known business within the pet industry. Along with her mother, a retired seamstress, Jennifer started hand-making custom collars with the purpose of donating it to rescues that her sister was involved with in Ontario. She also used some of these same collars in her own pets, and it was then that the general public started noticing and inquiring about the collars.

Soon after, Wiggle Bumz started being invited to events and the business was on the rise, as Jennifer watched the demand for fun, diverse collars increase, “I love making custom anything!  People come up with great ideas and I love being a part of it!”. It was then that Wiggle Bumz came to be. At the moment, the company’s products are manufactured in Cornhill, NB and are sold in over 40 stores around the country; “[…] If the business keeps going the way it has I will have to duplicate myself! I wish to help out more rescues if anything”.

As for Jennifer’s personal life, the excitement continues as her family grows: “I’m married with two kids. My daughter is three years old and my son is 18 months old. Plus, we have a third baby the way due in October”.  Jennifer’s dreams and aspirations are slowly being fulfilled: “We live on a hobby farm with horses, so some dreams are already checked!”